During this time of the year, shoppers are out to find the best deals around and they will do just about anything to get their hands on a good discount. But for those like me, who would rather pursue the internet leisurely, things are just that much easier. This past , U.S. consumers spent a record $1.98 billion, which is 17 percent higher than last year. As for success, shoppers hit the $2 billion mark through their smartphones and computer. According to Mashable, the number of U.S mobile shoppers is expected to hit 111 million by 2015.

One big factor in this year’s rise of online sales is that mobile shopping has become more seamless with the increase in smartphone penetration and usage for consumers. As more organizations are tapping into apps and mobile websites, they are setting themselves up to be more successful, and these big businesses are quickly adapting to the mobile market. Companies such as Paypal are the beneficiary here, by charging a small fee, and being the middle man in the transaction. Though there are fees to just about everything mobile, the convenience factor does play a nice role. The most popular mobile purchases this year are books, tickets and clothing.

The holidays are always a way for brands to show off their digital talents. Brands like Verizon, HP and Amazon were on top of their digital game this past Monday, posting links to a number of fantastic deals on their Twitter accounts, while using the #CyberMonday hash tag. We saw hundreds of thousands of tweets with the hash tag during the morning hours on Monday from shoppers letting their followers know what deal they took advantage of. It’s just plain and simple, mobile shopping is becoming an increasingly popular piece of our lifestyle today.

My prediction is that Cyber Monday will exceed sales from Black Friday from here on out. Have you tried a mobile purchase yet?