Since its inception in 1984, Taylor has helped to shape the role of public relations in sports. As a trusted counselor to many of the most influential consumer brand marketers in the world, we have built an unparalleled legacy of developing and activating award-winning campaigns to leverage global and domestic sports sponsorships. In fact, since 1984, no agency has been on the ground supporting leading brands at more major sporting events, including every Olympic Games and FIFA World Cup, as well as the crown jewels of American sports – World Series, Super Bowl, and Daytona 500, among others.


Our blue chip portfolio of client partners, and the vast array of programs we support across the spectrum of sports, includes:

Procter & Gamble: the award-winning “Thank you, Mom” campaign at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games and the London 2012 Olympic Games, as well as the P&G corporate and Tide brand NFL programs

Allstate Insurance: agency of record for the brand’s diverse portfolio of sports properties, including NCAA, NASCAR, Pro Football Hall of Fame, USOC, and the U.S. and Mexican National Soccer Teams

Diageo: Crown Royal’s innovative partnership with NASCAR as well as Jose Cuervo’s longstanding sponsorship of Pro Beach Volleyball

Coca-Cola: creating and activating consumer engagement programs to support Coke Zero’s sponsorship of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four

Taco Bell: support of the QSR leader’s partnership with Major League Baseball


Additionally, Taylor served as a partner to MasterCard and Gillette for more than two decades, supporting award-winning programs on nearly every continent.


MasterCard: 25 years supporting U.S. and global properties, including on-the-ground activation and senior counsel at every FIFA World Cup from 1990 through 2006

Gillette: more than 20 years as the brand’s sports agency of record, supporting a wide variety of U.S. and global campaigns across multiple properties, such as the FIFA World Cup, Major League Baseball, and NASCAR

With such a long and accomplished heritage in sports public relations, Taylor understands the imperative to adapt and evolve in alignment with the needs of consumer brand marketers. As Christian Alfonsi, Taylor’s Executive Vice President, Strategic Planning, wrote in SportBusiness (October 2012):

“The once predictable discipline of sports public relations is being turned on its head by new developments, such as the explosion of social media and its impact on the traditional approach to sports media coverage, and measuring the business impact and ROI of sponsorship activations. Taken together, these trends portend a dramatic revolution sweeping across the landscape of the business of sport, with clear winners and losers.”


So how can brands that are deeply invested in sports position themselves to be winners in this “reconfigured” landscape? As Alfonsi explains, “At Taylor, we’ve challenged ourselves to answer this question as it relates to our core expertise in sports public relations and integrated marketing communications built over the past three decades. Our conclusion? Most traditional public relations firms may not be best positioned to help their clients compete and win at this ‘revolutionary’ moment for the business of sport.”


To create demonstrable business impact for client partners from sports-related marketing activations, Taylor has radically transformed its offering, talent mix and delivery model by embracing three new roles not traditionally within the core expertise for sports PR practitioners:

Strategic Counselors

Sports properties and sponsor brands are turning to Taylor for strategic counsel across the full range of their business challenges. A recent example was Taylor’s landmark strategic initiative with NASCAR. Spurred by declining attendance at races during the economic downturn and intense media discussion about the future relevance of the sport to fans and sponsors, NASCAR commissioned Taylor and its Brand Counsel Group – a fully integrated team of brand planners, business analysts, digital strategists, and creative directors – to conduct a strategic assessment of its entire industry. As NASCAR’s chief marketing officer remarked: “Taylor’s unique capabilities in areas like strategic planning and digital consumer engagement helped NASCAR frame a vision for its future in a way that only a Bain or McKinsey could have matched, but Taylor’s sophisticated understanding of the motorsports landscape set them apart.”

Consumer Trendspotters

Consumer engagement in today’s fragmented media landscape demands that public relations firms serve the role of ‘trend-spotters,’ with a deep and relevant understanding of societal trends impacting consumer behavior. Taylor has built best in class consumer insights capabilities to provide client partners with proprietary consumer studies to support specific brand activations of leading sports properties. An example of the latter was our ‘2012 Taylor Consumer Engagement Survey: Social Media and the Olympic Games’, which uncovered key trends like the emergence of ‘social media butterflies’ (young, social-media savvy mothers).

Digital “Sherpas”

Digital, social media and mobile technology is also revolutionizing brand sponsorship activations around major sports properties, offering marketers innovative ways to engage with consumers. Sports properties and brand marketers are looking for true digital ‘sherpas’ to be their strategic partners and guide them in navigating this new landscape. Over the past five years, Taylor has made noteworthy investments in new talent and technology to stay current with digital trends. More importantly, it has led to a fundamental shift in our culture and mindset, placing digital at the center of our thinking.

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