has been a clear driver of eCommerce since its launch. But prior to this summer, brands had little ability to measure and boost their content on the site. Since May, the “social scrapbooking” site has clearly made a push to catch up to Facebook and Twitter in the social space; recent developments have made that even more apparent.

Late last month, just a few months after rolling out Promoted Pins to “priority brands”, Pinterest released its free analytics tool. “This new analytics tool for the first time is going to start to divulge profile-specific data,” said Jason Costa, a Pinterest product manager for analytics and ad products. The tool also allows businesses to measure how their content is performing for the first time. These analytics will help brands better utilize the platform, specifically when it comes to targeting their Promoted Pins.

Less than a month later, the social network announced that it will be updating its privacy policy on October 19th. This policy announcement hinted at expanded targeting for its ad function, which was subsequently confirmed by a Pinterest spokesman to Ad Age.

“While we don’t have the new features available to advertisers yet, we are developing conversion tracking and audience targeting and the privacy policy update allows us to launch them,” the spokesman said in an email. “We feel both features will help our partners understand how the impact their business and also make Promoted Pins even more relevant to Pinners.”

It’s unclear when Pinterest will fully roll out these capabilities to all brands, but it’s safe to assume that these recent developments are part of the site’s plan to lure marketers in even further. As we’ve experienced on other platforms, the ability to measure success is extremely important for both organic and paid efforts. Measuring the performance of Promoted Pins will allow marketers to show their success and also will provide valuable insight for optimizing content and targeting moving forward. Keep your eyes peeled from more to come from Pinterest!

Photo Credit: www.iacquire.com