Porch Sessions: Where Great Whisky Meets Country Music

October  8,  2018 / By Cynthia Ramsaran

The summer may be over, but memories from Porch Sessions last all year round.


When George Dickel looked to cement its presence in country music, the Diageo whisky brand turned to Taylor to help debut Porch Sessions at Cascade Hollow. Porch Sessions is a country music series hosted at the George Dickel Distillery on Saturday afternoons throughout the summer. The shows highlight up-and-coming country music singer/songwriters who are making waves on country radio. Attendees are encouraged to bring their blankets and chairs and take in the great music and incredible Tennessee backdrop.


Consumers, media, influencers, and members of the local team are all welcome to Cascade Hollow to enjoy country music, and the best Tennessee whisky around.

In the video below, Taylor’s Joe Clarkson shares details on our approach and strategy behind putting together Porch Sessions.

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