On January 3rd, created his Twitter handle and the industry was astounded. The legend has caved into years after the biggest names in sports have had a presence on the platform. Kobe’s twitter has been growing at about 100K followers per day, and he finds himself with 950K followers as of today. Though, he wasn’t the fastest to a million, he will definitely shatter that plateau and go way beyond. So why do some want to increase their following as quick as possible through social platforms? Because any influence with a superb following has a price tag.

Websites such as TweetValue can help people figure out how much their account is worth to determine how much a shout out would cost. I observe celebrities such as Kim Kardashian posting content for brands all the time. With the 17 million fans she has, she receives about 10K per post. Talk about easy money! The 10K that brand pays will potentially boost sales, or it some cases it can be a bust.

Is this really where the future of is headed for celebrities, to just be another form of advertising for the big players? Not necessarily, but they are leveraging social platforms to make some bucks. I guess we really can’t blame them, I know I would do the same.  We’ll have to wait and see if Kobe decides to jump on the bandwagon.

What is your Twitter value?