Words of wisdom straight out of a fortune cookie: “Your greatest asset is not the quantity of your friends, rather the quality of your friends.” This saying may have provided guidance through adolescence but does it hold true for social media?

Well according to Napkin Labs, a app developer that works with brands and agencies, it certainly does. In a recent study which analyzed the fan engagement of more than 50 brand pages including consumer electronics companies and retailers, Napkin Labs found that on average 6% of engage with a brand’s Facebook page through likes, comments, polls and beyond. Additionally, their findings uncovered that the more Facebook fans a brand had, the lower the percentage of engaged fans tended to be.

For many public relations and social media professionals, these findings aren’t shocking, but it can be difficult to change perceptions. After all, reading a headline about a brand reaching 2 million fans is impressive to anyone. It then becomes our job to dive deeper than the surface number and to uncover what that numbers really mean to the brand.

To truly utilize the power of Facebook, Napkin Labs encourages brands to focus on their devoted “superfans.” According to Napkin Labs, each month a “superfan” will like 10 posts, share five pieces of content and comment once. Additionally, the content that these “superfans” post tends to receive more likes and comments than the average fan. So how does a brand capitalize on this opportunity? The answer is simple, but is often not leveraged to its full potential.

By providing these adorers with exclusive content, special premiums and fun experiences, there is an opportunity to create a force of passionate fans that are driving awareness of the brand organically and reaching more consumers as the content is shared on their newsfeeds. For most brands, these “superfans” are already there and are just waiting to be tapped into. Remember, in life and social media, quality friends are assets, and it’s up to each brand to amplify these strong relationships.