Social Media Week 2016: Targeting Millennials with Live Music

March  7,  2016 / By Carla Clunis

For Social Media Week 2016, Momentum Worldwide and AEG Global Partnerships brought together a panel of music and entertainment professionals to discuss how brands can find success with live music. The panel included Camille Hackney, EVP of Brand Partnerships and Commercial Licensing at Atlantic Records, Glenn Minerley, VP of Music and Entertainment at Momentum Worldwide, Maureen Trayner, Senior Director of Partner Solutions at Spotify, and Jennifer Betka, CMO of StubHub.

Social Media Week 2016: Targeting Millennials with Live Music

While finding success in the live music space may be evaluated differently on a brand-to-brand basis, one of the strongest takeaways that applies in all situations is that the key goal should be to leave consumers and fans with something valuable. Whether that value comes in the form of unique experiences with artists, ticket upgrades or exclusive content, any brand looking to engage the millennial music fan should first understand the five core truths about gaining success in the live music space:

Live Rules: Brands that have a presence during live music events leave consumers with a more positive outlook and likelihood to purchase in the future. Not only do consumers like and purchase these brands more, but they also incite social conversations.

Personal Memories: The more valuable and personal the exchange, the more impact the experience will have on the consumer.

Social Core: During live music events, social media becomes one of the most important ways of communication for attendees. Brands that are able to provide valuable social experiences to music fans on-site see the highest interaction and engagement.

Mobile First: With social media being so important to fans during live music events, it goes without saying that brands should think about the experiences their delivering to fans from a mobile first perspective. Everything consumers do at events will be filtered through their phones and brands should think how they can best get their messages across to music fans during this time.

Connect with the Connectors: While having the goal of connecting with young millennial fans is usually a brand’s charge during these types of events, brands should also think about ways to connect with superfans and potential brand apostles who will follow a brand’s journey.

Social Media Week 2016: Targeting Millennials with Live Music

Additionally, the unique relationship that brands should have with influencers was highlighted during the panel. Partnering with influencers during a live music event should feel natural. Instead of thinking how an influencer can help amplify a branded message during a concert or festival, brands should think about experiences that can help enhance an influencer’s time at the event. By having a brand remove itself from the conversation, you allow for influencers to do what they do best. What brands can do is think about the influencer’s followers and how they can become engaged. One quick turnkey tactic that always works is to give influencers hot tickets to an upcoming show or event and let them host their own contest which asks their fans to engage.

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