Our consumer engagement work across the brand landscape leverages over 35 years of deep expertise in a wide range of industries and product categories.



With a 35 year legacy of leadership and innovation in sports public relations and marketing, Taylor possesses an unparalleled perspective of the world of sports, developing and executing highly successful sponsorship activations for leading brands and client partners such as Mercedes-Benz, Capital One, P&G, Allstate, and the Nike Jordan brand, to name a few. Taylor has demonstrated its unique sports marketing expertise and experience in supporting hundreds of client partner activations at many of the world’s most prestigious sporting events, including on the ground at every Summer and Winter Olympic Games since 1984 (the only agency to do so), the FIFA World Cup (1990 – 2014), the World Series and the Super Bowl, among many others. Our work has resulted in numerous industry awards and recognition in areas such as media promotion & activation, digital marketing, and special events.


As the sports landscape has rapidly evolved and shifted in response to the impact of social media and game-changing technology platforms, Taylor has helped to redefine the rules for fan engagement. Taylor’s deep knowledge and insights around fan behavior across a multitude of sports are at the core of its Digital Sports group, which is uniquely positioned to lead digital strategy and activation for many of the sports industry’s marketing and technology innovators. Long a leader at the intersection of technology and sports, Taylor has kept ahead of the pace, from its support more than 20 years ago of the first sports news website (ESPN SportsZone) to the launch of Microsoft’s Xbox, to the explosive growth we see today in the world of gaming and esports via brands such as Panini and Activision.


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