St. Patrick’s Day Toast to Guinness US’ Unique Brand Ambassador

March  17,  2017 / By Cynthia Ramsaran

At Taylor, there’s no better way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, than to spend it with Guinness’ Social Media Correspondent, Heather McReynolds.

Heather plays a very unique role. She is embedded in our NY office but works solely as the voice behind our client partner, Guinness US, serving up Twitter and Instagram content.  When she first took the role as Guinness Social Media Correspondent, Heather researched to see how other brands were connecting to consumers with ambassadors like her.  She realized there were no other prime examples where brands tapped into agency copywriters to be the voice behind social media promotion.

Heather was onto something. According to Entrepreneur, many brands overlook the power of ambassadors. The article describes what a brand ambassador is: a brand ambassador is person who’s tried your product or service and loves it — loves it enough to say amazing things about it. Not a paid endorser. While those can be helpful as well, they usually lack the authenticity of a brand ambassador, who is not paid and has either expertise in your marketplace or an “every person” appeal.

Typically, brand ambassadors are consumers who have deep knowledge and passion about your brand or a specific product. But what Heather does for our client partner Guinness is so unique from a PR perspective. As a former brewer in Brooklyn, NY, Heather hones in on her deeply developed skill in creating beer and now applies that to the marketing side of the beer business.

“The way I see it, there are three key components of the brewing industry: sales, brewing and marketing. A lot of brewers don’t get many opportunities to learn the other sides of the industry, so I jumped at the chance to not only have a marketing role, but work with an iconic brand as well,” she said.

And while she enjoyed and sometimes misses brewing, Heather took on the role as Guinness brand ambassador to learn that other side of the business.

Aside from traveling to Ireland and other places in the U.S. during product launches, Heather attends beer festivals in the U.S. on behalf of Guinness U.S., and provides commentary on social media. She also keeps conversations going year-round –not just on St. Patrick’s Day or during festivals – by providing food pairing ideas with Guinness, and offering other useful advice to Guinness fans.

So what does Heather have on her radar? The new Guinness brewery – coming back to the U.S. for the first time after 63 years – is set to open in Maryland this fall. You can find all of her content by following her on Twitter: @guinnessUS, Instagram: guinnessus, and Facebook.

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