“You know what happens when you assume…” (if you don’t, let me know and I’ll fill you in).

But as marketers, we don’t just risk looking dumb when we make . Stereotyping can lead to ill-fated decisions… strategies, messaging and tactics that can range from ineffective to completely offensive.

Here are some light-hearted and the facts that shatter them.

Women talk more than men. They just looove telling others what they know.

Fact: On average, male cell phone users place 13.8 calls per day, compared to only 10.8 for women. And, women account for less than 15% of Wikipedia’s contributors; men are the ones doing most of the informing. (Source:
Pew Internet, Wikipedia)

Parenthood is misery. When you become a parent, you have to give up all fun.

Fact: Not only is a parent more likely to consider himself or herself “a happy person,” parents are also more likely to be able to down a shot of whiskey in 5 seconds without gagging! (Source: Hunch)

Girls don’t even know how to turn on a Playstation. Gamers are most likely to be young guys.

Fact: 75% of women have at least one gaming app, compared to 67% of men. And, 38% of console gamers and 43% of PC gamers are women. (Sources: NBCUniversal, IBM)

Teenagers are the worst offenders when it comes to texting while driving.

In fact, almost half (47%) of adults ages 18+ admit to texting while driving, but only 34% of teens do so. (Source: Pew Research Center)

Liberals and conservatives can’t agree on anything these days.

Fact: Liberals and conservatives who drink beer both prefer a brew that’s pale and refreshing. Both prefer their sandwich to be cut diagonally, and both love lasagna. (Source: Hunch)

So when targeting a certain consumer, make sure you aren’t making false assumptions. Learn the facts, get to know the target, and then create your campaign!