While the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers competed for Super Bowl 50 glory on the field, brands fought for the hearts and minds of consumers off of it. For Tide, the objective was clear – hero Tide Pods and communicate the brand’s “Small But Powerful” message on sports’ biggest stage. The question then became, without a Super Bowl spot, how could we effectively communicate the message in a way that would break through the clutter, reach the masses and inspire action? One fact was clear from the start: the Super Bowl is the best moment-in-time to reach a massive and engaged audience on social. For Super Bowl 50, 65 million people posted related content while Twitter hosted more than 28 million posts.


We had the audience, but what about the content?

There is a misconception in sports that – whether on the football field, the basketball court or in the ring – bigger is always better. Yet every day, we see examples of athletes defying odds and excelling in a sport that should seemingly be dominated by the giants. Armed with this insight, we explored athletes from all sports and sought out powerful stories that would show you should never underestimate small. To closely tie to the Super Bowl, we aimed to partner with one player from each participating team who authentically met our criteria.


We landed on 10 athletes: Jonathan Stewart, Emmanuel Sanders, Emmitt Smith, Hines Ward, David Villa, Mia Hamm, Steve Nash, Becky Hammon, Daniel Bryan and Danica Patrick.

Taylor Creative Studios shot and produced video content featuring each athlete sharing their personal story. We wanted to deliver them in an impactful and unique way – one that would help break through the social clutter. To do this, we created a conversation between these athletes, offering fans the rare opportunity to see some of their favorite athletes communicate directly with each other on Facebook and Twitter.


Jonathan Stewart and Emmanuel Sanders kicked things off on Saturday. Each remaining athlete then replied on Super Bowl Sunday with their video and tagged the next. In turn, Tide generated more Facebook views than the night’s biggest sponsors, including Hyundai, Mountain Dew, Budweiser, Audi and Skittles. In total, over 23 million total views were garnered on Facebook and Twitter and the program generated 56 million social impressions. Positive fan sentiment poured in through over 350,000 comments, likes, shares and RTs.