It was no surprise the NFL dominated Thanksgiving television ratings, but how did a collection of household care brands own the social conversation, becoming the most shared, retweeted and viewed NFL content on social media leading up to and during Thanksgiving day? That story began well before the NFL season even started.

We learned in April that Brett Favre would make his return to Green Bay during prime time on Thanksgiving night. We knew Favre’s return would be an emotional celebration of his legacy in green and gold, and provide an authentic platform for our client partner P&G’s Tide brand, proud keeper of NFL team colors, to help fans celebrate during a gripping homecoming night. With nearly three million views and an astounding 23,000 shares of this Taylor-produced video on Facebook, and over 11,000 Retweets on Twitter, Tide’s Brett Favre video was far and away the most viewed, most shared and most Retweeted content about a game watched by nearly 30 million people. It is the most viewed brand content posted by an NFL team or player this season.

Taylor also helped catapult five other P&G brands into the NFL spotlight leading up to Thanksgiving Day. In an effort to warn U.S. residents about the impending “Turkeypocalypse,” that moment when kitchen clean-up threatens to interfere with NFL football, Taylor produced a tongue-in-cheek “public service announcement” featuring Green Bay Packers star Clay Matthews. Clay’s video generated over 550,000 views and 8,400 shares with no paid support, becoming the most viewed piece of organic content from an NFL sponsor this season.

During Thanksgiving, this unique approach resulted in engaging branded content that was shared more than content generated from even the most intrinsic NFL content partners including television networks, teams and leagues. It’s our laser focus on fan insights that allows Taylor to develop content strategies and execute hyper-targeted distribution plans that precisely deliver content to fans that are most likely to consume and share it.