Video Highlights: Taylor’s Dan Gadd Talks Sports Marketing at Sports Illustrated/Variety Summit

July  27,  2016 / By Sal Basile

Taylor Director of Digital Strategy Dan Gadd joined leading sports marketers in LA for Variety and Sports Illustrated’s inaugural Sports and Entertainment Summit on July 14 for a panel titled, “The Future of Sports Marketing.” Gadd and his peers spoke to a number of topics, including how to create sustainable social content for sports, the importance of targeting in social campaigns and how brands need to tap into the passion around sports to successfully illicit a response from fans. From assessing the digital sports landscape to highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of some of the major sports leagues, invaluable insights from leaders in the space were brought to light and examined in the name of progress – for sports marketing to truly be successful, sound counsel must be used to educate brands.

You can view the entire panel discussion here.

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