Taylor’s Sports Marketing Series Continues in the Holmes Report

February  28,  2018 / By Cynthia Ramsaran

Taylor has been on the ground at every Olympic Games since 1984, including the most recent Winter Olympics in South Korea. With our unique history, we are in a position to emphasize the breadth of our work supporting leading consumer brands activating in and around the Olympics.


This week, the Holmes Report published the third installment of our exclusive sports marketing content series – this one focusing on the Winter Olympics highlighted by:


· An article and complementary video from the point of view from our senior account executive, Mike Kelley, who was on the ground at the Games and weighed in on technology’s significant role in sponsorship activations at the Olympics this year.

· An infographic (see below) that illustrates why technology also drove social conversation around the Winter Games







In a feature by Diana Marszalek of the Holmes Report, Taylor Managing Partner, John Liporace, is quoted extensively. He shares his knowledge on why it takes more than winning a Gold medal when it comes to choosing an Olympian who will be a brand-worthy ambassador.





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