Unfettered connectivity through multiple channels is impacting our ability to develop and further grounded relationships. The dynamic crosses over from personal to professional and back again.

Global employers like Volkswagen are recognizing the detrimental impact of unrestricted, 24-7 access. The brand recently took a stand and eliminated Blackberry server access after working hours for some employees. This may not be the appropriate solution for all business models, but is represents a novel and definitive reaction.

Our failure to disconnect is indeed altering patterns of human interaction. The tech toys we love and the DSM channels accessed across them have caused us to become totally insular. So I had to catch myself and take a moment to recognize the significance of a recent “get out of the office” fieldtrip that proved our gadgets can actually bring us together.

I own this camera. The reason I own this is the guy in the office next door, Brian Manning, told me it was great. WOM marketing in action! Brian owns the same Nikon. We own something else in common, a general lack of understanding of the full capability of the D90.

In steps our colleague, Daniel Oakley. Taylor digital team expert and as it turns out, a natural on the street class professor. The two D90 novices had confessed a resignation to stick with auto focus. Daniel promised there was another world of amazing photo opportunities and he could show us the path with an informal lesson.

It was a perfectly brilliant idea. Across Taylor, we’re constantly looking for ways to stimulate our thinking as professionals and simultaneously foster team building. We blocked some time and ventured out in a city steeped with inspiration. Daniel was armed with a mini syllabus and the learning exchange was phenomenal.

Check out my practice shot taken during our lesson on the Highline. I was not aware my camera was remotely capable of such epic coolness. I don’t have it all down yet. But happy to say I know what some of the words mean and I now have the courage to click past auto focus and give manual a try. Better yet, the bridge to that place was spending time with workmates and sharing a few laughs along the way. Technology can unite indeed.