The Art of the Status Update: 5 Templates that Engage Fans

January  24,  2011 / By Taylor Blog


“Write Something…” The instructions in the Facebook status update box seem so simple, yet we all know that writing just anything isn’t necessarily the way to get positive engagement on your brand’s fan page. Last week, the Digital Strategy team hosted a roundtable to discuss the art of the status update, discussing ways to craft a compelling update that will also increase interaction among the community.

It’s important to get comments and likes on your status updates since the more you have, the higher your chances are for being featured in someone’s Top News feed. In my years of experience managing Facebook pages for brands, the following status update templates have been successful for increasing engagement:

  1. Ask open-ended questions – “Who are you rooting for in the game on Sunday?” “What’s your favorite Happy Hour drink?” Ask questions that are fun, but are also relevant to the brand you are representing. People will be eager to share their thoughts and will often relate their answer back to your brand.


  • Conduct a poll – It’s quick and easy for a fan to write a one-word comment, which is why conducting a fast poll or asking them to vote for their favorite in a “This vs. That” contest is successful in engagement feedback.



  • People love trivia – Posting trivia questions about your company, products or topics relevant to your brand is a fun way to inform your fans about something while encouraging engagement. Post the answer the next day after everyone has left their guess in a comment.



  • Create a fill-in-the-blank – This one is a hybrid of numbers 1 and 2 above. It’s open-ended and only requires one word. For example: “My favorite thing about [XYZ product] is _____.”



  • Encourage fans to “Like this update” – A simple way to ensure that your update will get likes is by saying, “Like this update if [insert reason to like it here].” Examples could include, “Like this update if you used [product or brand] when you were a kid,” or “Like this update if you plan on ordering [product] at Happy Hour this afternoon!”


And finally, it’s important that you answer two questions before you hit the “Share” button. “Does this post relate to the brand and demographic?” and “Would I be engaged with this update as a fan of this page?” If the answer is “Yes” to both, post away!

Any status update template that has worked for you that I missed? Tell me about it in a comment below!

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