I often feel like I read, talk and think about campaigns on an endless basis. I read about the latest campaigns, talk about marketing flops, and analyze efforts I stumble upon in my daily life. Sometimes it seems I just can’t escape marketing, therefore I can’t stop thinking about it.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I know that constantly paying attention to the subject helps me learn, evolve, improve. But am I the only person in our industry who found myself distracted from the competition during the football bowl games because I was thinking about sponsorship assets?

Yet for all the thinking and talking I do about marketing, I’ve noticed one thing: the campaigns that truly impact me are the ones I don’t think about. The ones that pull me out of my role in the industry and grab me unexpectedly in my daily life are the ones I am most swayed by.

Here are a few personal examples of campaigns that did just that:

So for all of my ponderings of the marketing campaigns I come across all the time, here’s my new true measure of success: did I fail to notice it?