I came across this video, and it flat out just made me laugh. It reassured me that some users have such a strong affinity to the brand, that in their minds anything and everything with the engraved, trendy logo on it will be superior than the rest. This Jimmy segment that I stumbled upon demonstrated this so-called market frenzy (borderline hysteria).

Essentially, Apple could theoretically update a title on any product and the brand will still sell itself, even if it’s the same exact product after all – now that’s what I call brand loyalty! Wouldn’t you want to work for an organization where any product/idea with your logo on it is poised for success? Some Apple users consider themselves as having the best at all times, but there are plenty of technology products out there with suitable, if not more superior technologies. Various reports are coming out that question if the 5 can even meet the Galaxy S3 standards.

Yeah, I do have to agree that this new iPhone is pretty cool – but whichever your choice is, you will be shelling out the bucks for the data plan every month, because these phones do require them.  In reality, it’s about personal preference, and at the end of the day it’s about what makes you feel at ease.