In this video, Chris Cooper, EVP Strategy at Taylor, explains why we should be planning for the “Next Normal” as opposed to simply accepting the “New Normal.”


Chris is a diplomate Jungian psychoanalyst who holds degrees and licenses that include a MS in Narrative Medicine from Columbia University and LP. As a clinician, Chris specializes in working with trauma and dissociation, and teaches and lectures on the effects of culture on behavior, cognition, and emotion.





Below Chris provides a preview of his next video, in which he expands upon interaction of the “next” and the “now” and why brand marketers should take note. 


In order to anticipate and envision what’s next, we must richly interrogate the now to assess what will endure, what will dissolve and what is aching to be born. In the coming weeks, we’ll introduce five emergent trends we believe will be important driving forces of change and will have lasting impact on consumer behavior, preferences, and priorities.