The Perks of Loyalty

September  14,  2012 / By Taylor Blog

I have the privilege of spending a good amount of time with my awesome colleagues in our Charlotte office. When I am down there, I tend to stay at the same hotel – Hyatt House Uptown. It’s a great property in a good location at an excellent value. Oh and the breakfast is great! What’s not to love?

My most recent stay was just a couple of weeks ago. When I checked in, along with my key I received a hand-written note from one of the sales managers. She thanked me for my loyalty and included a voucher for some complimentary appetizers. Even though I didn’t have a chance to use the voucher, I really appreciated the gesture. And yes, I know they were just being nice so I would stay there again.
As someone that works in the marketing industry, I like to think I know when I’m being marketed to. And as you might expect, it makes me appreciate GOOD marketing even more. This Hyatt House thing was noteworthy because it surprised me, made me feel appreciated and yes, made me want to prioritize staying at that hotel over others in the area. The funny thing is I actually don’t even have “status” with Hyatt – I’ve not been loyal enough to the hotel chain to earn enough points. But you better believe the Hyatt House Uptown Charlotte will have my business again soon.

It was also a good reminder that loyalty programs don’t always have to be about freebies and discounts. Experiences, exclusive content, recognition and even something as simple as a handwritten note at check-in can go miles with customers. I’m sure we’ve all heard the marketing adage that an unhappy customer will tell more people about their negative experience than a satisfied one. I think there’s massive opportunity for brands in many industries to flip this on its head. And it’s totally worth it because loyalty leads to advocacy which can grow your customer base – and the cycle continues. Heck, if one hand written note can make me write a blog post about a hotel, doesn’t it make you wonder what the perks of loyalty would drive you to do?

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