I was in 6th grade when I went to my first concert with a couple friends, chaperoned by one of their dads.  I remember being amazed by the noise, the excitement and the fact that I could be in the same room (granted, a big room) with Gavin Rossdale.  What I failed to notice was the look of horror on my friend’s dad’s face when he heard just how loud thousands of girls can shriek when their favorite band comes out – poor guy.  While he was probably scarred for life, I totally was hooked.

Over the years, I’ve been to tons of , never tiring of those same exciting elements.  For some events, I have no problem assembling a crew of friends.  For instance, as a born and bred Jersey Girl, it’s an easy sell to get a group together for Bon Jovi or The Boss.  For some other shows, it’s not so easy.

I can’t even count the times I’ve bought tickets for an event thinking, “Oh I’ll find someone to go with me.”  Then, without fail, days before I am practically begging friends to come with me, bargaining with promises of free tickets, meals and beers. The worst part?  Finding out that night on Facebook that other people I know were there too and that I could have hung out with them, instead of a person who didn’t want to be there, didn’t know the music – and didn’t have fun.  What a waste!

Ticketmaster made an announcement last week that might just to be solution to my concert woes.  The company enhanced its existing maps feature by integrating it with Facebook.  Now, when I’m buying tickets on .com, I can see if I have friends going to the show and where they are sitting.  Then I can look for/buy tickets nearby those seats to join in on the fun and tag my seat to let my Facebook friends know my plan.  Awesome!  More information including a video from Ticketmaster can be found in this ZDNet.com article.

So far, only about 300 venues have this new capability.  But I have a good feeling the days of begging and pleading will soon be replaced by awesome concert/event experiences with friends who actually want to be there too!

Image Credit: Ticketmaster