At Taylor, Storytelling Drives Consumer Engagement.




During the first half of Super Bowl XLI, Fox announcer and four-time Super Bowl champion Terry Bradshaw appeared on live TV with a noticeable stain on his shirt. Ten minutes later, a commercial would air, revealing that the stain had been a plant all along and that Tide alone could solve Terry’s orchestrated wardrobe malfunction.


During that brief period between the stain’s appearance and the reveal of Tide’s involvement, Taylor, tasked with amplifying this “live TV moment” ensured that the conversation on social media went viral. Leveraging an intricate network of influencers, paid media, and content creation, Taylor’s breakthrough digital strategy behind this best-in-class inter-agency campaign created a once-in-a-lifetime brand moment for P&G. After the global award-winning commercial (12 Cannes Lions) aired during the Super Bowl, Tide saw a 22% growth in PODS sales.


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