On Monday, the NFL took a five-step drop and launched another large multi-year deal with Twitter, social media’s dominant real-time platform.

Under the deal, the NFL and Twitter will work together to build and share content showcasing in-game highlights and other breaking news stories, particularly by using video clips, GIFs, sports advertising, infographics and much more.

This comes as no surprise considering the two teamed up back in September 2013, but there is no denying the importance of this partnership for Twitter. Since November 2013 when Twitter’s IPO launched, the company’s stock has dropped significantly, user growth has stagnated and their leadership is constantly being questioned since there is no permanent CEO at the helm. Additionally, sports brands in particular are now much more comfortable with utilizing millennial-focused social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat. To stay in the game for the attention of its user-base, Twitter needed this.

Twitter NFL Deal

The biggest beneficiary of this new agreement are brands who are part of Twitter’s Amplify program, particularly because this deal will improve how they connect with the NFL handle’s 12 million followers. The expected result? Higher quality material during events and more easily integrated advertising, including a pre-roll for up to six seconds.

Arguably, what this latest deal signifies is Twitter’s attempt to help brands make better ads for their audience base. Too often, brands treat Twitter as a means for self-promotion rather than a tool to connect with audiences via consumer-oriented content. By improving the user-experience, Twitter is hoping for a snowball effect where consumers will engage more frequently, brands will spend more advertising dollars and the company’s stock prices will once again stabilize.

Otherwise, this may be the last multi-year deal with the NFL.