Twitter & Turner Sports Strengthen Social Sports Hold with Live Shows

November  3,  2016 / By Samantha Baier


Twitter is known as the virtual sports bar for fans. The banter. The gifs. The memes. It provides a forum for analysis and humor that adds value to the fan experience. In order for Twitter’s live stream product to be successful, it needs to return to its roots of providing that value that goes well beyond what TV can do.

The NBA and Turner Sports are embracing that sentiment. They introduced two live shows exclusively for Twitter, with ‘The Warmup’ airing weekly leading into Turner Sports’ NBA on TNT coverage. It will combine NBA along with music, lifestyle and pop culture and will incorporate conversations happening on the platform in real-time. This original content tailored for the unique audience of Twitter users should be the rule, not the exception, in live streaming big events.

So while Twitter released pretty impressive numbers on viewership of the five NFL games broadcast on the app thus far, the platform needs to do more to make this experience more interactive and customized to attract both fans and advertisers. This includes custom programming to compliment the live streams and even team-specific experiences for fans. As we have seen from our work with P&G in the NFL, fans are passionate about their teams and favorite players, not the leagues or sports themselves, so the more specific the experience to their team or the game they’re most interested in watching, the more value the platform can offer. This will then spill over to advertisers as they can better align the brand with that fan passion to build credibility, and in turn consideration, among these niche and powerful audiences.

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