UNCF Annual Report

In April 2022, the UNCF 2021 fiscal year Annual Report was released. The report was published amid some of the most challenging times in UNCF’s 77-year history — yet one of the organization’s most successful years ever. When the books were closed on March 31, 2021, UNCF had raised more than one-quarter of a billion dollars in private philanthropic support, the largest amount UNCF  has ever secured in a single year.  Among the highlights in the 2021 Annual Report is a feature on Tony Signore, Taylor CEO and Founder of the Frederick Douglass Bicentennial Scholarship. The piece includes excerpts from an interview conducted by Laura Coates, national radio host, CNN anchor and best-selling author. They discussed the importance of supporting HBCUs, community engagement and Signore’s personal commitment to preserving the legacy of Frederick Douglass.