Vote for Us – Because a Great SxSW Panel Idea is a Terrible Thing to Waste

August  22,  2013 / By Dan Gadd

We have put together an outstanding panel for South by Southwest (SxSW) 2014 called “Can’t Play Scared: Finding Success in Real-Time.” Digital leaders from NASCAR, P&G and the Washington Redskins will collectively show attendees how they can achieve success in real-time sports marketing.

But we need your help getting our panel submission chosen. The first step in getting this panel selected is a public vote. The process is very simple and should take less than a minute:

  1. Register with the SxSW panel picker
  2. Vote for our panel (simply click the ‘thumbs up’ button to the left of the panel description)

Despite coming from very different industries, these very recognizable brands have each seen great recent success in real-time sports marketing with innovative uses of social media and data. But they’ve all come at it from a different angle. Their varied backgrounds and approaches collectively will give attendees comprehensive means for achieving success in a growing, but uncertain marketing territory.

Real-time marketing is a buzzword that many marketers and brands are curious about, or see actual potential in. This panel has successfully turned that potential into actual results.

So please, don’t let a good panel go to waste. Vote.

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