. The coveted generation. They have tremendous buying power, and will advocate on behalf of brands they love. But engaging them and obtaining their attention isn’t easy, and they are especially selective in determining which brands are worthy of their support.

Brands are experimenting with a variety of new and innovative marketing techniques for reaching this coveted audience, including social media integrations, guerilla tactics, and more. But how many brands are turning to as a vehicle to reaching millennials? Based on Taylor’s annual Consumer Engagement Survey: NASCAR Fans, we might argue, not enough.

Our survey showed us that millennials who are avid NASCAR fans are a highly coveted audience – their interest in the sport is growing, they’re consuming and sharing NASCAR content at higher rates than their older fan counterparts, and they are more likely to reward sponsors in the sport.

Nearly two-thirds (63 percent) of avid NASCAR fans who are millennials told us they share all or most NASCAR content they come across, using Facebook to do so (67 percent) at nearly equal rates to simply telling others (68 percent). Half (50 percent) share NASCAR content by texting others, and one-third (34 percent) use Twitter to do so. Brands in NASCAR can make it easy for these younger audiences to share their content with others.

What type of content are they looking for, you might ask? With 69 percent of avid millennial fans visiting YouTube regularly, it’s no surprise that many are interested in video content – in fact, 72 percent told us they are extremely or very interested in getting NASCAR video content online. Seventy-seven percent told us they are extremely or very interested in some type of behind-the-scenes content. Brands with access to the sport are primed to provide exactly that type of information.

Sponsors with access to drivers may also be in a position to please millennial fans: 66 percent told us they are extremely or very interested in interacting online in real-time with drivers.

Traditional marketing lore tends to give the impression that NASCAR fans support the brands that sponsor favorite driver. With that logic, brands would need to align with a popular driver to be successful in the sport. But this year, 41 percent of millennials told us they actually choose their favorite drivers based on their sponsor. For a brand that already has a moderate millennial following, NASCAR may be a vehicle (no pun intended) for driving deeper engagement and passion.