What We’ve Learned From Mad Men

May  19,  2015 / By Sal Basile

As AMC’s Mad Men comes to a close, the end of an era is upon us. Resident Taylor Mad Men fans tuned in to the Mad Men finale to join Don Draper and co. one last time, reflecting back on everything the show has taught us about creativity, leadership and collaboration. Don said it best: “Even though success is a reality, its effects are temporary.” Here at Taylor, we know every win is a prelude to a new beginning. Don knew that, too. Here are some of our takeaways from the Mad Men Finale.

Edwin Endlich, Vice President and Digital Creative Director, on work fueled by insights.

“At the end of the day, advertising is about creating an emotion. Whether we’re talking about ketchup, automobiles or airlines – connecting with your audience versus talking about what you want them to care about is the key to success.”
Matt Arnhols, Senior Digital Strategist, on connecting the dots between product and emotion.

Mad Men Still

“Being afraid to fail is what holds us back the most – without failure, there’s no room for innovation.”
Brianna Kauffman, Vice President of Digital Strategy, on failure’s role in innovation.

Mad Men Still

“Sometimes you have to take a chance – on a person, on an idea or even on yourself.”
Amanda Lordy, Vice President of Digital Strategy, on taking chances on ideas and people.

“If you can’t sell yourself, you certainly can’t sell something else.”
Brianna Kauffman, Vice President of Digital Strategy, on confidence in yourself before all else.

Mad Men Still

“True collaboration cannot exist without trust – trust in yourself, your ideas, your partners and your process. You have to trust that if things go awry, you can make it right together – and if you kill it, you kill it together. Trust is what brings us from good to great.”
Katina Scott, Senior Vice President and Group Planning Director, on the need for trust in collaboration.

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