Facebook: New Newsfeed, New Ads

A few weeks ago, Facebook introduced a cleaner, simpler newsfeed design. Part of this re-design includes paid re-targeted ads appearing in your newsfeed.  Data demonstrates that Facebook users spend a majority of their time engaging with content in their newsfeed. This means it is prime real estate for advertisers wishing to reach an audience. Preliminary analytics show that these ads are more effective, because they can target individual users based on their specific browsing history.

Facebook Conversations Made Easy By Adding Replies

Facebook has finally added the ability to reply to comments, making it easy to keep track of and facilitate conversations. It is now possible for brands, fans and friends to engage in threaded chats. In the past, comments were always displayed in chronological order. Now, with the “reply” options, comments are grouped by topic and include anyone that is participating in the conversation.

Streams Double in 2013

March Madness Live has been posting incredible numbers, with more than 10 million hours of game coverage streaming from the tournament since the first tip-off on March 19th. This is up 198 percent from 2012. The MML app was the top sports app download during the opening week of the tournament, and the top free app across all categories. The tournament is still going strong, and the number of viewers streaming the games live is increasing steadily day over day. It’s clear from these statistics that fans love sports, and they love watching them online/on-the-go. This is a trend that is on the rise across the board, and will continue to be a major force across all sports as mobile and web use continue to penetrate all markets.