Interactive Images For Brands

ThingLink is making image sharing far more interactive, allowing users the ability to share images that include embedded links, annotations, videos and the option to share and purchase content. Here is an example of how is using this technology, leveraging links to a video and a relevant website.

Free Portable in Magazines

To promote its Office 365 software, Microsoft has equipped a number of Forbes Magazine print issues with free WiFi. The magazine was sent out to various subscribers and it comes with 15 days of free internet. The WiFi hotspot connects up to five devices at a time, and lasts about three hours before needing a recharge.

Has Bigger Plans For Integrating With Your Car

Apple doesn’t just want the iPhone to come along for the ride; instead they want parts of to be in your car. A new report from 9to5Mac showcases how Apple wants to own your car’s console with Maps and Siri integration. No date has been announced yet but Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Honda, GM, Jaguar and others are all on board for Siri Eyes Free.

Jawbone Links With BodyMedia for

Jawbone has acquired BodyMedia – a pioneer in wearable body monitoring technology. Jawbone had been looking to build up its position in the wearable computer and health tracking industry with the launch of its Up wristband and the purchase of MassiveHealth and Visere. BodyMedia’s devices have collected and analyzed more than 500 trillion sensor points, and is the only system of its kind that is registered with the FDA and backed up by clinical outcomes.