As of 2013, . is the world’s largest technology company, boasting a $630 billion market value and $156 billion in annual sales. While clearly has a sustainable group of loyal followers with sales reports to back it, many of us still wonder why one of the top innovative technology companies is nowhere to be found on , including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest.

Social media provides a great opportunity for organizations to understand one’s audience and foster mutual dependency with key consumers. Much of Apple’s business and sales revolve around word of mouth and buzz marketing of product releases, however there appears to be nothing in Apple’s communications model to suggest consistent dialogue with consumers and brand loyalists between new product launches.

Studies have shown that customers who engage with companies over social media tend to spend 20% to 40% more with those companies over other customers. Therefore, by not engaging on social media is Apple missing a crucial opportunity to regularly engage with their consumers, which would result in greater and a more positive corporate image?

To counter this argument, Apple’s absence on social media clearly hasn’t hampered their sales momentum and they still have an incredibly strong army of loyal consumers. So what do you think? Is Apple missing a great opportunity to build brand loyalty through social media channels? Or do they already have sustainable momentum that will keep them top of mind without those additional engagement portals?