There is no greater sport to bring to life than professional and there is no icon bigger than Hall of Fame football coach to bring to .  Lombardi is arguably the greatest coach in history, and by far one of the most inspirational personalities of all time.

On Tuesday, October 26, a group Taylor staff members had the opportunity to see .  Some knew Vince Lombardi’s whole life story, some knew of the legend and some were simply  just fans of football.  All in all, we had a common interest in sports and learning more about the story of Vince Lombardi and the impact he had on professional football.  We were also interested in seeing some of our favorite TV parents on the big stage: Dan Lauria (the dad from The Wonder Years) played Vince Lombardi and Judith Light (the mom from Who’s the Boss?) played .

As we arrived at the venue the lobby was decorated in Vince Lombardi and memorabilia.  We were graced by the presence of sports personalities including Jesse Palmer, Steve Sabol, Merril Hodge, Dan Snyder, just to name a few.  While in the Lombardi themed lobby, we took a few team photos, grabbed some snacks and drinks and made our way to our seats.  Who knew that our seats would be so close we could practically touch the actors (thanks Bryan!).

By the end of the evening we all knew a bit more about the life of Vince and Marie Lombardi, how Lombardi coached and how players, coaches, and how the general public perceived him.  We all wondered what the sport would have been had he not died at the young age of 57.

Two thumbs up for LOMBARDI!

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