I dare you to go anywhere on and find a place where the World Cup isn’t being talked about. It’s everywhere, and it’s blowing past events out of the water. During the tournament’s first week (June 12-18), a total of 141 million people commented about, “liked” or shared posts on about the world cup, generating 459 million interactions.  For some perspective, that’s more interactions about the World Cup than the Sochi Olympics, Super Bowl, and Academy Awards COMBINED.

Facebook has taken major notice of the impact the World Cup has had on site engagements.

“Sporting events always drive a massive amount of conversation on Facebook, but what we’ve seen so far during the World Cup has been extraordinary,” a Facebook spokesman said in an e-mail, according to CNN.

“Facebook and the World Cup are both fundamentally global, and we knew that Facebook would become a global, mobile stadium where people connect and engage during the tournament. It turned out to be a unique moment for us, and one that has seen the highest level of conversation for any event Facebook has ever measured.”

The World Cup is taking over, and it doesn’t stop at Facebook. According to Twitter data, there were 8 million total tweets about the USA/Portugal match alone. This one match clearly doesn’t compare to the 24.9 million tweets during this year’s Super Bowl. But the World Cup as a whole, with its tournament structure and massive international appeal, has quickly become the biggest social media event ever – and it’s only getting bigger.

This has created a vast array of opportunities for brands and marketers to engage in World Cup conversation, and not just on Facebook and Twitter.

Google has seen its YouTube ad views surge. When YouTube released stats on June 19th, they reported 590 million views on World Cup ads, resulting in 1.2 billion minutes watched – more than four times that of advertising’s major event, the Super Bowl.
It’s obvious that the first World Cup of the social media era has already left its mark. With the Round of 16 underway, prepare yourself for what is sure to be an ongoing wave of social World Cup madness.