Transition and Belonging with Olympian Nzingha Prescod

On this episode of Shapers of Influence podcast, Marketing Coordinator Ebony Baker is joined by 2012 and 2016 US Olympic Team fencer and entrepreneur, Nzingha Prescod. Listen as they discuss mental health amongst athletes, the Olympics & life thereafter, and the Prescod Institute for Sports, Teamwork, and Education.

Authenticity, Compassion, & Trust: Reasons to Support HBCUs

On this episode of the Shapers of Influence Podcast, we are joined by Taylor’s Marketing Coordinator Ebony Baker and United Negro College Fund’s Vice-President of Strategic Partnerships and Institutional programs, Leader of the Institute for Capacity Building, and Morehouse graduate, Ed Smith Lewis. Both Ebony and Ed are graduates of Historically Black Colleges and Universities, so listen as they discuss the importance of supporting HBCU’s, allyship, and what makes these institutions so significant.

Partnering with the Boris Lawrence Henson

On this episode of The Shapers of Influence Podcast, Marketing intern Ebony Baker leads the discussion on Black Mental Health and Taylor’s partnership with The Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation. Joining her are Ariel Smith, Strategist, Joshua Bull, Senior Art Director, and Sabrina Lynch, Senior Vice President of Strategy as they dive deeper into their involvement with BLHF, the importance of Black mental health, the generational impact it has had on black people as well as the country; and finding the joy over everything.

The Competitive Advantage of Having Name, Image, & Likeness 

On this special two-part Shapers of Influence Podcast, join Taylor’s COO and Managing Partner, Bryan Harris, and Account Director Ronald Greene as they discuss potential trial-and-error effects of athletes receiving NIL benefits. Listen to them dissect the competitive advantage of colleges offering NIL representation to athletes and how it can ultimately impact their career once going pro.

Sports Betting: Are the Odds Really in Your Favor?

On this Shapers of Influence Podcast join us as we step into the world of sports with Taylor’s COO and Managing Partner, avid sports fan, Bryan Harris as he leads the discussion of the controversial world of sports betting with Taylor’s Account Director, Ronald Greene. Join them as they unpack the impact it has on fans, the entertainment industry, and the world. Stay tuned for part 2 of this special Shapers of Influence podcast.

Holiday Kindness

In this episode of Shapers of Influence podcast, owner of 47 Club Productions and Taylor creative partner, AnnaRose Rubright, leads the conversation about the impact Covid has had on the Holidays and the importance of showing kindness this season with Taylor executives. Listen as they share their plans for this holiday season and how they plan on giving back to their community

Taylor Holiday Podcast

As the Shapers of Influence, we realized that an ordinary Holiday Card won’t do! So, we reached out to the Taylor community and asked them, “What shapes their Holiday?” Listen as our team, including CEO & Managing Partner, Tony Signore, talk about what inspires them this time of year! We hope you have a very happy holiday!

A Journey to Holistic Health and Wellness

Taylor's Associate Director of Marketing & Business Operations and resident wellness guru Elizabeth Zaita, joins Marketing Coordinator Nathalie Wilson to discuss her journey to holistic health and wellness. For some useful tips on how to live a healthier lifestyle, take a listen to this Shapers of Influence episode.


On this Shapers of Influence podcast, we are joined by Taylor’s newest dynamic duo: Nicky Lorenzo and Juan Pablo Dominguez, our SVP Group Creative Directors. This episode will dive into ‘what makes a great creative team’ and who’s better to talk to than our creative duo!

A Deeper Dive into Women in Sports

On this Shapers of Influence podcast, AnnaRose Rubright is joined by Berkley Cohn, Taylor’s Senior Account Executive and Yvette Signore, Taylor’s Strategist. These three women discuss their love for sports, the challenges they overcome in this male-dominated sports industry and the inequalities female athletes face. Take a listen to their dynamic conversation on increasing visibility of female athletes in the media.

Baseball Fandom: Where is MLB today?

Two baseball fanatics came together to discuss the future of the sport. AnnaRose Rubright spoke with Taylor’s COO and Managing Partner, Bryan Harris about their love for baseball, Gen Z fans, and the major changes in the league. Take a listen to their dynamic conversation… they hit it out of the park

Own the Arena

On this Shaper’s of Influence episode we are joined today by a very special guest, former President and CEO of the United States Tennis Association, champion tennis player, sports commentator and now author, Katrina Adams. She discusses her new book ‘Own the Arena’ and delves into the contentious US Open 2018 Women’s Finals between Naomi Osaka and Serena Williams.

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HBCU Strong: The Importance of Historically Black Universities

Over the past several years, HBCUs have seen a resurgence of interest, and one-third of HBCUs have received a record number of applications and enrollment. To dig a little deeper into this trend, Taylor Marketing Coordinator, Nathalie Wilson is joined by Assistant Account Executive, Jordyn Edwards and Account Intern, Iyanna Tutt.

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A Conversation on Allyship

Two Taylor colleagues came together to discuss Allyship. Nathalie Wilson, Marketing Coordinator, spoke with writer, author, performer, storyteller, and Senior Copywriter, Joel L. Daniels about the state of allyship across the nation. Listen to Joel’s insightful words on racial injustice, inequality and how to make an uncomfortable conversation comfortable.

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#HoldthePRess and 600 & Rising: Where are we now?

We’re back with Taylor’s own Sade Ayodele and Nysah Warren on their #HoldThePRess initiative. They discuss how industry professionals have responded to the ‘asks and demands’ of #HoldThePRess and 600 & Rising, and remind us that “you cannot change what you do not track”.

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Winning Wheel of Fortune

Taylor Account Supervisor and Wheel of Fortune winner, Ross Lipschultz, tells Nathalie Wilson of Taylor marketing all about his experience on the show. Take a listen to Ross’s familial commitment to the show as well as game strategies to get your shot at winning, too. Here's a highlight from Ross's winning appearance on the show.

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Hailing from the NYC office, Dave Finn is joined by Lauri Edwards and Maeve Hagen, President of Taylor’s Charlotte, NC office. These three long-time Taylor colleagues chat about #TaylorUnited’s impact on their own lives as well as virtual culture management in the world of COVID-19 and beyond. #TaylorUnited

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As the Taylor Team gears up for UNCF's Virtual Walk for Education, take a listen to this interview on Sirius XM's "Laura Coates Show," which aired in March. In the clip, Tony Signore, CEO & Managing Partner of Taylor and Founder of the Frederick Douglass Bicentennial Scholarship Program, speaks with Coates about the importance of basic human rights, equality, and education, and especially the impact of HBCUs.

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The Privilege to Vote

In the latest episode of our voting series, AnnaRose Rubright and co-host Mayra Herrera chat with Emma Giles, Vice President at client partner Diageo: Guinness. Emma discusses the privilege of voting and the power of having your voice heard.

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Voting as a Right

Once citizens, Djenabou Osho and Carla Wilke gained the right to vote in the United States. In this follow-up conversation guided by AnnaRose Rubright of 47 Club Productions, these Taylor executives share what the vote means to them.

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The Path to Becoming a Naturalized Citizen

Applying for citizenship in the US is an emotional and lengthy process. Interviewed by AnnaRose Rubright of 47 Club Productions, Taylor's Carla Wilke and Djenabou Osho speak about the decisions they took and life changes they made on the road to becoming a naturalized citizen.

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Hold The PRess: Why DE&I is More Than Just a Buzzword

Black professionals are woefully underrepresented in the PR industry. Taylor’s own Sade Ayodele and Nysah Warren speak about their #HoldThePRess initiative and why diversity and inclusion are important, especially in our industry.

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Creativity In Hard Times

In this engaging conversation between two creative professionals, Taylor senior copywriter, Joel Daniels, along with digital creator, Bo Lee, we learn about finding your voice in your work and in the spaces you inhabit.

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An Inside View of Esports

What is the distinction between esports and gaming? Kevin Knocke, Chief Creative Officer of RektGlobal, Inc and host of Esports 30, delves deep into the subject as well as the finer points of the esports industry.

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