Hailing from the NYC office, Dave Finn is joined by Lauri Edwards and Maeve Hagen, President of Taylor’s Charlotte, NC office. These three long-time Taylor colleagues chat about #TaylorUnited’s impact on their own lives as well as virtual culture management in the world of COVID-19 and beyond. #TaylorUnited

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As the Taylor Team gears up for UNCF's Virtual Walk for Education, take a listen to this interview on Sirius XM's "Laura Coates Show," which aired in March. In the clip, Tony Signore, CEO & Managing Partner of Taylor and Founder of the Frederick Douglass Bicentennial Scholarship Program, speaks with Coates about the importance of basic human rights, equality, and education, and especially the impact of HBCUs.

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The Privilege to Vote

In the latest episode of our voting series, AnnaRose Rubright and co-host Mayra Herrera chat with Emma Giles, Vice President at client partner Diageo: Guinness. Emma discusses the privilege of voting and the power of having your voice heard.

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Voting as a Right

Once citizens, Djenabou Osho and Carla Wilke gained the right to vote in the United States. In this follow-up conversation guided by AnnaRose Rubright of 47 Club Productions, these Taylor executives share what the vote means to them.

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The Path to Becoming a Naturalized Citizen

Applying for citizenship in the US is an emotional and lengthy process. Interviewed by AnnaRose Rubright of 47 Club Productions, Taylor's Carla Wilke and Djenabou Osho speak about the decisions they took and life changes they made on the road to becoming a naturalized citizen.

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Hold The PRess: Why DE&I is More Than Just a Buzzword

Black professionals are woefully underrepresented in the PR industry. Taylor’s own Sade Ayodele and Nysah Warren speak about their #HoldThePRess initiative and why diversity and inclusion are important, especially in our industry.

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Creativity In Hard Times

In this engaging conversation between two creative professionals, Taylor senior copywriter, Joel Daniels, along with digital creator, Bo Lee, we learn about finding your voice in your work and in the spaces you inhabit.

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An Inside View of Esports

What is the distinction between esports and gaming? Kevin Knocke, Chief Creative Officer of RektGlobal, Inc and host of Esports 30, delves deep into the subject as well as the finer points of the esports industry.

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